Here is a little clip I made just for laughs. If you enjoy consider pressing the like button. Thanks!

(WARNING, contains what appears to be death of cubes) XD lol. :slight_smile:

Well, that was sad… But what about the other firefighters, LOL? :slight_smile:

Which ones?

You’ve got a little interesting story going on there, but when the building falls down and the cube (presumably) dies, it’s like you don’t know quite what to do next. Wouldn’t the firefighter react immediately and, well, do something? If the fellow in the building is “just a goner,” well, where’s the story in that?

I definitely like some of the camera-action that you’re using … the angle of the shots, the handling of the (apparently unrelated?) part where a car goes off the cliff and goes “boom.” But even so, it looks like two stories in one.

Tell me a story. Any story will do.

Well there are many questionable things that leave the viewer guessing “what could have happened”?
This can only mean one thing. Theres going to have to be a sequal!
Im working on it right now, I was going to leave it as a surprise, but there are to many people questioning the story of the video so I’m forced to tell you…:yes:

Episode 2!
(check first post)

Episode 3 is in first post.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you enjoy this Special Edition of Cube Valley! Tell me what you think. (also in first post)

new episode.

Another Episode! Tell me what you think? (preferably on Youtube so I can see the comment sooner)

I actually got hooked on this.
I didn’t think that I would watch more than the first episode, but I ended up watching all of them.
Pretty good.

Thanks, I have fun making them and even more fun hearing that others like them too.