Fireflies in my open Terrain

Hey there guys and thanks for checking on me,
I`m having a darn hard time getting rid of Fireflies, mainly because I am no big expert in terms of lighting and rendering.
The only thing I changed so far was the clipping for the camera (to a value of 1000) and using the global illumination settings for my max bounces in the light paths (these are by Blender´s basics around 32 each).
Also, I changed the clamping to 3 for direct and 10 for indirect, filter glossy by 1 and my samples are set to 1000, most probably I will take years to finish this one.
Adaptive sampling is also turned on, Denoising too by OptiX; I use a sun light with the angle of 20, everything else is left in place, even if I play with the thoughts of deactivating the caustics (but I use water so that is my last option).
I attach a screenshot below, please notice that the white bar behind the last rock is all fireflies and my main problem.

Is it still like this when you render? If not just double check you have denoising on for both viewport and render

I hit render yesterday evening, took around 5 hours to finish which is enormous.
I checked the denoising also for viewport so I have at least a demo of how it looks like.
In the end it looks better but still not perfect, I am half happy with the result on a low resolution but it could honestly be better.
I attach a file below so you can take a look for yourself, still, thank you!

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wow that is a long time, have you watched blender guru’s video on how to optimise cycles or even looked into using cycles x?