A fairly simple animation. I was practising making fire and using shape keys to make the flowers bloom.

good practise animation. fire could be different in each pot. zoom in more as though walking through door.

Yeah, when I finished it looked pretty ordinary to me. needs more variety.

There is a nice tutorial on fire on The halo fire doesn’t look amazing, though good job for your first time.

Um, would you like feedback on some of it? I mean, if you just want to experiment first, then don’t bother reading the rest.

Is the scene supposed to be spooky? If so, then perhaps add some mist in by either using the compositor, or ground mist with the smoke simulator or something of that fashion. Even make some clouds, which makes a more sinister appearance. The gate and walkway and lamps and leafless trees make it feel quite sinister already, but then you have flowers. I don’t think they add to the scene a lot. But if it is supposed to be awe-inspiring instead, then maybe start closer to the hill with your camera and dim the lighting a bit, maybe even brighten the fireflies a bit. And the fence, gate, walkway, torches, and trees would all be out of place. But that’s only if you want it to look happier.

The flowers look great, and would probably look better on the ground. Or, if you would prefer, add a vine to the rest of the fence, so that the flowers are not out of place. (Although they are if the fence is supposed to look sinister… :rolleyes:) Though the fence looks pretty good too. You would have to decide, though.

Thanks for the feedback. I was aiming for mysterious more than scary but I fell halfway between. I started a vine on the fence and then got frustrated and didn’t finish it. Clouds would definitely have been a good idea. Yeah, this is another point on my learning curve. I’m working my way through the tutorials in the manual and in After that I plan to go through BlenderGuru’s tutorials next.

I believe that there are other tutorials like BlenderGuru’s at I don’t know much about the latter one, but the first are wonderful tutorials.

Yeah, there aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve got so many tutorials I want to try. :slight_smile:

Yeah, so many tutorials, so little time. :wink: