Firefly/Serenity mod for Vegastrike looking for modellers

A mod proposal at the Vegastrike open source forums. Check this thread:

Sweet. Never played with Vega Strike. I’ll check it out in the next few days.

I might consider helping out, but can’t say for sure yet.

BTW, a great resource is the new Firefly RPG which has a bunch of technical details on a lot of the ships shown in the series and movie. Alliance & Independant, and some Reaver stuff too.

If you’re going to play with Vegastrike, be sure to get the cvs version. Day and night, compared to the last stable release. A new release would be warranted right now, just that the pace of progress is still accelerating. Now we’re starting work on incorporating Ogre3D as the renderer, so we can start doing some glsl magic…
Thanks for the tip.

You still working on this idea? VegaStrike looks very promising but people just don’t seem to notice it much :confused:

Not sure my skills are upto firefly but I thought I’d mention that there is a XMESH import script for blender you can find on the vegastike forums, if anyone is interested in modeling for it. An export script would sure be nice though.