Firefox 2.0 released!

For those of us using firefox 2.0 has just been released!

Seems to run faster then previous ver, or maybe its just me.

Downloading now. I tried to get it earlier but it kept downloading 1.5.something.

just got IE7, it’s great. (I’ll try FF 2 when I have nothing to do to satisfy my curiosity)

I’ve had IE7 for awhile and it proves that intentionally bad interfaces just aren’t cool.

I D/L this and installed it. It was kind of a hassle. Save your bookmarks first.
Uninstall 1.5x first. I lost my skins and some of my extensions because they are not compatible. Other than that…seems to be working

valarking, you made me not be able to resist, so I looked up all about FireFox 2. And well, I didn’t see much advantage or any cool feature that I felt I needed (though obviously this is from a very superficial perspective) But at least now I know, thanks

I wonder how long it will take for this to reach the Ubuntu repositories?

I could install it manually, but I think it’s best to wait until it passes the ubuntu security team screening before I adopt it fully.

Well, Fx 1.5 wasn’t Ubuntu until Dapper was released… they just followed the 1.0 series for all of Breezy…

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d be waiting for Edgy before you get your 2.0, if you wait for Ubuntu to catch up.

Install it yourself, it’s not really that hard… back up ~/.mozilla, download the tarball, extract it into ~/firefox and run it from there… worked first time for me.

Ya, without the extensions, it’s just preference over IE7. And security a little bit. But with extensions and cool themes it blows IE7 out of the water.

Hey, not bad stuff. Seems to suck up less memory. Working great so far.

grr something went wrong with my firefox 2.0 install

now the start menu has the popular program list blacked out and I can’t get the program submenu to popup. anybody knows where I could find a older version of firefox?

If you can install it yourself, it’s better to do it that way.

While ubuntu reps. are good, they can often be quite buggy for alot of users and stay that way untill a new version replaces it… Mencoder i think it’s called (Mplayer’s video converter) is a segment fault whore, while the svn install easily.

IMO reps should be a last resort if you’re experiencing installation problems, and in my case, getting librarys cause some of them are really hard to find :stuck_out_tongue:

How come FF never sent me one of those annoying messages like they do for security updates? to say there’s V2?

I downloaded today (found out from gmail) and everything went smooth and easy. My bookmarks were there exactly and my settings are all the same. I downloaded the plugin adblock and tried a few game sites which always give me popups even through firefox 1.5 and now none show back up. So far nice and quick, loads almost instantly for me. Old one took about 5 seconds. Anyway seems good to me. I really did like mozilla better but it was always screwing up and getting infected with something or other and I would lose my bookmarks almost every week along with everything else :frowning:

Hmmm… maybe a little faster to load. Other than that and a slight spruce up of the interface I can’t see much difference. Of course that in itself is a tribute to the way firefox seamlessly retains plugins and settings between versions. An upgrade is really painless.

Thank goodness there is no silly ‘thumbnail of page’ crap like in MS. Decent headings from the page (I hear IE7 is missing those) and navicons are enough thanks.

Same old firefox. Which in my mind is no bad thing. Never had a crash yet.


The spell-checker’s a nice new (and very welcome) feature.:smiley: The new UI buttons are nice, too.:slight_smile:

Edgy has been released Firefox 2 is available on Edgy as well

Also as mentioned earlier. Sometimes you just have install apps yourself. Ubuntu packages repositories take a while to update; Blender 2.42a wasn’t available on Dapper at all! Its available for Edgy (so it might work with Dapper as well). I’m going to have some fun tonight upgrading my distro :slight_smile:

:frowning: I miss the cross at the right of all the tabs, but I guess I’ll get used to it now

Easily fixed.


  1. Under “Tabbed Browsing” go to “Display Options”

  2. Change “Show tab closure buttons” to “On the tab strip”

Done :slight_smile:

Install it yourself, it’s not really that hard… back up ~/.mozilla, download the tarball, extract it into ~/firefox and run it from there… worked first time for me.

Gives me a segfault. Looks nice, but 1.5 works great for me atm.

it’s too shiny for my os. 98 is awfully bland. at first, i was upset that some of my extensions didn’t work, but then realized that the functions of the broken extensions (mainly Tab Mix Plus) were already integrated into Firefox. goes pretty fast, despite my dial-up connection. my computer’s old, so i go for whatever takes less system resources, so lame copy-cat IE is out of the question. but seriously, can apps tone down the shiny? i swear, they’re gonna blind me…