Firefox 2.0 released!

why not just download a minimalist theme from the firefox website? to get there just go to tools > addon > click on themes tab then go to “get themes” link on the bottom-right corner of the window.

yeah, ok, i know how to download themes and spiffy extensions, i’m just too lazy. personally, i’d rather update my os, than change my firefox theme. feels…fresh…

Well then if you’re too lazy to change the theme, why complain? It takes less time to find a good theme than it does to type in a rant about it.

(Also, when posting on BlenderArtists, use Tab+Enter to Submit the Reply)

i like the close buttons on the tabs.

Speaking of changes, does anyone know how to get backspace to be go back a page in 2.0, it doesn’t work anymore for me.

Also the built in shortcut ref. doesn’t have it, but it is still in the online one. Alt - Left and Ctrl - [ just suck as alternatives…