Firefox 3

Absolutely love it. Awesome bar is exactly what it says it is. I have a few issues though that maybe some of you have come across and know how to fix

  • File upload boxes. When I click in the box it brings up explorer/nautilus/whatever file browser. I understand this is a feature, and it can be nice sometimes, but it makes it very difficult (as in, I still don’t know how) to erase/modify/add text in one of these boxes. Does anyone know of a way to disable or modify this behavior?

-Anything that requires a login will almost always log me out whether I quit Firefox or just leave it for a while, regardless of whether I use ‘remember me’ or similar boxes. It does remember my user names etc when I start typing them, but for example I have had to log into iGoogle about 6 times today where I previously (Firefox 2) only had to do so once every say, month or two. I don’t keep anything sensitive on this computer or pretty much any online account that I have, except online banking and my school’s student information system… both of which I hardly log into.
I’ve checked preferences and have found nothing that would cause Firefox to logout or delete cookies all willy nilly.

I’m behind a router and also have a software firewall, etc anyway so some of these behaviors purported to enhance security are more of minor annoyances than security features.
I’ve read that the Torbutton extension has been causing the logout thing lately, so I’ve removed that for now to see. Hopefully this clears up, but hopefully they fix Torbutton as well :smiley:

now that the plug-ins I use have caught up, i am going to try installing it on my windows system.

I’ve got ff3 for windows, it’s keeping me logged in here ( long enough. Uploading worked fine as well.

Only thing I can think of to say thats remotely helpful - it’s ‘stock’ Firefox, no addons/themes/plugins. All the best though…

Well, did firefox set the record anyways?

Pff, who cares about any other download than Blender downloads :ba:


There was no official, previously held record; they set the record by default.