Firefox 4 Beta is here


Many of you maybe already know , but for the few who don’t , Firefox 4 Beta is finally here:D

:)Its Faster than 3.6 , nicer look:) , BUT:( file menu still occupy a precious strip of my 15" laptop screen … they tried to hide it but its icon still there

What about you ? do you have any :slight_smile: or :frowning: , If there any , let us know and you can use the “Feedback” button to let firefox ppl know

On Windows, I was able to hide the menus, but on linux, I can’t. :frowning: (3.6, not 4)

I like the strip at the top. It allows me to put a network monitor, music player, etc.
I’m waiting for release.

Testing Blender Alpha and Reason/Record Beta is enough fun for me.