Firefox .9 Thunderbird .7 and Mozilla 1.7 released

over the past 2-3 days new versions of eacj of these have been released

and as said about Firefox in a review “Look out Internet Explorer… your days have been numbered for some time now, but Firefox 1.0 will surely leave you shaking on your already shaky foundations and standing in a small warm puddle”

Yeah! I upgraded to 0.9 yesterday as soon as I heard about it. The theme and extension managers are nice! Other than that I don’t see much difference but they said they made some ‘refinements’ so maybe I’ll notice later.

Upgrading was no problem, I imported my bookmarks and the user chrome and content CSS files from the previous version. BTW these are my favorite extensions: Tabbrowser Extensions, Radial Context and Smooth Wheel.

Man I love Firefox! Maybe it’s time I make the switch to Thunderbird as well. I’m still using one of those evil Microsoft products for my email :frowning: Anybody have experience with Thunderbird they’d like to share?

DownloadSort and DownloadStatusBar are neat too.


Start > configure settings > add remove software > remove Internet Explorer :< Install Mozilla and FireFox :smiley:

I think Internet Explorer is critical for Windows to work right, so uninstalling it isn’t a good idea.

I agree with mr_rob, i read somewhere that IE is critical to the operating system, but you can disable it somewhere. I myself use Avant Browser, and i love it.


Yeah, Avant Browser rocks! :smiley:

Yeah, I use Thunderbird here. No negative experiences from me.

I used to use mozilla all the time but there are still bugs in the download manager where some downloads are reported as 1k in size but are not and in 1.6, my dialogs just froze up sometimes. None of the cancel, ok buttons functioned and I had to quit mozilla.

I’m currently using Opera 7.5 and it’s pretty good. There’s only one thing I don’t like and that is that when you save a web page with images, the images go to the same place as the page, so you have to make a new folder for each page manually to avoid clutter. I find he ads are unobtrusive and tabbed browsing is excellent. I found that in Mozilla based browsers you have to do a key combination (like cmd-click) to load a new page in a tab whereas Opera does it by default. I’m not sure if that’s changed in newer mozilla products or not.

One thing I love is the amount of information you get at the bottom when a page is loading. It gives bit rate, number of images in a page, quite handy as in mozilla, you think some pages have stopped loading when they haven’t. I’ll give firefox a try out again but I think in the long run I’ll get used to Opera.

LOL if you uninstall IE you cant get windows updates LOL

That was a bad idea to uninstall that. Im not sure if there is a site to download it from, but you better hope to god there is one.

-----------------------------HEHE LINUX ROCKS-------------------------------

If you haven’t downloaded a web browser that is different from IE such as Mozilla you should ! I switched to mozilla and the pages load so much faster! My broadband was wasted with IE. Do yourself a favor. Download Mozilla

I would recomend using firefox rather than mozilla, since there are more plugins fo firefox.
When I want to open in tab I just middle click, that works in all tabbed browsers I’ve used.
And for loading I never have had any problems with that, but I haven’t used firefox on dial-up so i would not know. But if you want something like that it can probably be fixed with an extension, either ask for it and hope that someone wants to code it for you or do it yourself is my recomendation.

I tried the single window extension for firefox and it broke my browser. None of the pages loaded. I didn’t know about the middle-click, though. I might take another look at it.

Opera seems to be having trouble with some pages with frames and it doesn’t let me preview Quicktime movies the same as I could in Mozilla-based browsers.

The thing I liked about Mozilla was the composer because I used it for simple web pages. Is there a good open-source web page builder out there or free one for Mac OS X?

Middle-click isn’t working for me in Firefox. I have the Mac OS X version. In Opera, when I click mmb, it says I can configure it for a variety of different actions. Firefox does look pretty good though - it’s fast and there are no ads like Opera. The thing I preferred about Mozilla is the amount of preferences like it can even prevents scripts from resizing or moving your window as well as block pop-ups.

I’m just not sure yet. It’s between Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.9 and Opera 7.51. I’m swaying towards Opera based on its tab-browsing working for me and also its info bar down the bottom. I like the 3rd party extensions idea but as it broke my browser, I might wait till it’s an official release. It’s just in preview stage now, isn’t it?

I have the tabbrowser extension installed in Firefox and have it set to single window mode. I also have the radial context extension which works a lot like mouse gestures. When I want to open something in a new tab, I right click on the link and pull a bit to the right. Takes about 1/10 of a second and works great :smiley:

I was using some rubbish extension called single window before on firefox and it crashed it. I now have installed tabbedbrowser extension and it’s working just fine. I found a whole list of extensions at - I think I’ll ditch Opera in favour of firefox now.

Opera was making horrible lines on webpages with frames anyway and I had to make a new folder for each saved web page and it didn’t load online movies properly for previewing. I’m finding the firefox interface a bit sluggish though and when I first started it, it nearly kills my hard drive because it updates prebinding dynamically - I’ve never seen an application do that before. Still, I can put up with those little quirks.

Those options are accessable in FF as well.

Well firebird/firefox has been stable enough since 0.7 for me(I haven’t used earlier versions) and I haven’t had much problems with extensions(some extensios aren’t that stable though, but that doesn’t mean that all are useless)
But 1.0 should be stable, it’s planned to arrive next month, though for OSX it will take a bit longer (they plan to first finish 1.0 for linux and windows and after that working on it for OSX)

Thanks Sebastian, I figured those things out eventually in FF. Some of the options are just a bit harder to find. The crashing I already said was just due to one extension, which I don’t use any more.

I’ve got a few good extensions and they work great. There’s only one thing that still bugs me about Mozilla based browsers is that the right-click save as doesn’t work in yahoo groups. I thought it was yahoo’s fault but the function works with Opera. In Mozilla based stuff including FF, it says “sorry the link may have been moved” or something. FF also seems to break after I wakeup my machine from sleep so I have to restart FF.

Still, at least now with FF, web pages with frames work properly, as well as streaming movies and I can save web pages without having to make a new folder.