Firefox and QuickTime

I use Firefox most of the time I also use msn IE. I can not get Firefox to play QT, or really any video. This is an example its an .avi when I use Firefox I get a QT error .
If I copy the link I am trying to watch into IE it plays fine? what am I missing?

wierd …
as I was writing this I tested the link above the first time with firefox it wouldn’t play and I got an error after I played it with IE I can play it with Firefox just clicking on the link??

well that link is a regular gif. You need to set your file types so QT isn’t your primary player for gifs. I’d actually de-select all file types in QT settings, it’ll still use QT when it has to.

The problem seems to be with Firefox, or my Firefox settings. Any video I try to watch (or gif it seems) and Firefox sends me a QT error.? As I said all the pages work in IE, some times the videos run in QT some times in WMP. If I am using Firefox I get an error.
I use XP home
the latest Firefox
just reinstalled QT(and a bunch of stuff that came with the free setup,I-tunes and whatnot I used the default install this time)

That link you sent do work great for me and I use firefox too. But if I go to youtube to watch any movie then I will have to use IE.

I think I fixed the problem, in Firefox Tools-Options-Downloads-View and edit options. All the video files were set to open with QT I changed them to open with the default player. So far it seems to be working:)