Firefox consistently interupts downloads...

…Larger than 400MB, it hangs for a few minutes then say download complete without actually get the whole file. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

I am assuming this is happening to all downloads? not just certain servers?

Get the latest FF 2.0 if you are not running it already. Also, give PortableFirefox a try, this version does not depend on any exsisting installation and could be used to identify whether your problem is firefox related or ISP/firewall/OS related.

maybe uninstall any download manager/plugin you may have? also, this may sound stupid, but make sure you have 400mb of free-space on your HDD. :slight_smile:

What O.S. are you runing?

I would recommend a resumable/download manager instead / in addition to FF. I don’t know if there is a plugin for it or not.

In my experience with FF, it has also done the “complete message” / incomplete download, but only from particular sites.

I’m on Windows and use GetRight for 99% of my downloads.

I thought FF at one point had resumeable downloading, … is there a seperate plugin for that ?


the resumable dl for firefox is if you pause it if im not mistaken
i too get some droped files from some servers or if my isp is being flakey

I think this is only for windows, but it integrates nicely with flashgot. Have used it for some very large downloads and have not had any problems yet.

Yes FF has done this to me since 1.xx days (I’m using 2.0), I always end up switching to IE for large files and have no problems.

Thanks guys I’ll look into the links given.

I’m running WinXP SP2 and have well over 100gigs free on my HDD. :stuck_out_tongue:

try a third party dl manager.

It also could be a firewall related problem. I’ve heard stories of Nvidia firewall corrupting downlaods.

It is probably your hardware, OS, or ISP. I have, within the course of the last month, downloaded several 700MB+ (including 2 1GB+) files with plain vanilla Firefox, both 1.5 and 2.0.