Firefox data loss (solved)

While compressing my files to burn in a DVD and dump Gu1nd0W$ V1$74$$, I launched firefox and it didn’t have bookmarks or anything on it. I can’t find bookmarks.html, and it just keeps deleting it. It’s this some kind of W1nD0w$ V1ru$? Yet another reason to switch to linux… The back button doesn’t even work! Is there any way to recover them?
Thank you.

A virus is not a reason to switch to Linux. I would rather deal with a virus once a year then deal with the issues I had under Linux.

Anyway, did you try this page for help?

Thank you, zanos! I just had to kill the firefox process. I think I’ll just switch to XP and maybe dualboot some linux…

What’s that, ignorance?

You seem to enjoy linux bashing every chance you get and I can’t resist trollbaiting so here we are…

I’ll be your huckeberry.

The thing where firefox looses all it’s bookmarks is a firefox bug. Really annoying that it isn’t fixed.

Look man, Im not bashing it. Im just saying that I had more issues with it then windows ever gave me.
You seem like every other Linux guy thats quick to defend Linux no matter what. Please find some better things to do.
Anyway, for me this ends here. Have a nice day.