Firefox doesn't like Myspace

Firefox is pissin’ me off, I can’t get on, I don’t know why, but I can’t, I tried reconfiguring the setting a bazziolion times and I did a search to see if anyone else was having the same problem, can’t find anyone, I know it’s not my ISP cause I’ve accessed Myspace before. Help me please!!!

Apparently, Firefox knows what’s good for you.

But I have hot female friends on Myspace :frowning:

Do other browsers let you to myspace?

If you love myspace and don’t want to be insulted, read only the following paragraph:

If you like myspace read this only:
And now for something slightly more on-topic:
That’s a script for the Greasemonkey extension in Firefox that lets you remove the hideous formatting in myspace profiles.

You’ve been warned, please don’t whine at me because I have a highly valid opinion, also might I add that what I have to say very much pertains to why myspace doesn’t like firefox. It’s the horribly misshapen ascii characters that somehow like to resemble some sort of ghetto version of html, css and javascript.

Read on if you you’re daring or hate myspace:

It’s not so much that firefox hates myspace, it’s that myspace hates firefox.

The awful, bug-ridden, nauseating and fugly “web design” makes me want to scratch my eyes out, that’s not to mention the awful music most of them have posted in crappy flash players (and the fact that they all say “music codes” as if they’re some arcane art to using xhtml to post a flash plugin). Then there’s the flagrant misuse and rape of html/css that most of the people employ in their profiles; That’s the second main reason why I won’t touch myspace with a ExtraBig®™ 25-foot Pole-O-Matic®™. Not to mention quite a number of them refuse to speak (or, rather type) full and qualifiable English, instead replacing common words with hard to read shorthand. If you’ve got a full keyboard in front of you, use it. You’re not txt’ing’ing anyone here.

NOT WORK SAFE. This is against myspace policy I’m sure, I wonder how long she’s had her nekked boobies plastered all over her profile:

I’ll never drink corona again, nor can I read any of the retarded things he’s trying to say, his beer fetish kind of makes that impossible:

My eyes… my virgin eyes!!

My daddy never loved me so I have adequacy issues, maybe my boobies will look bigger if I bend over and take a horrible pic of them:

Again with the beer people, geez:

The first reason is the whiney kids from American suburbia that think they’ve got it hard in life.

Yeah man, ya see I can’t acess the myspace links you posted, I also just notied I can’t get on ebay and a number of other sites either. Is it the Firefox security? Also just to let you know, I like xanga more that Myspace, I think Myspace’s layout is kinda muggly. I have friends on Myspace andd I’d like to visit them (one of them is a real nice girl I know).

Its an M$ conspiracy! How could such an honest and upright company employ such devious tactics?

Dittohead: for hating that site so much, you sure are familiar with its pages… :smiley:

Its an M$ conspiracy! How could such an honest and upright company employ such devious tactics?

Dittohead: for hating that site so much, you sure are familiar with its pages… :D[/quote]

Yeah, I’ve got a cousin who insists I help him with his profile, add photos, photoshop photos etc.

Here’s some ideas to get you started on fixing the issues:

In Firefox, myspace profiles may not render correctly, but they should render in some form or fashion, in fact even in IE it’s sketchy whether any number of profiles will render correctly, simply because of terrible code. If you can, take a screenshot of the page(s) you’re trying to visit and post it here. Though I have problems rendering pages on myspace (and a few remote problems elsewhere) the stuffs like eBay are just fine and I have no problems.

Do you have adblock installed? If so, disable it and see if that helps. If that’s the problem then uninstall it and restart firefox twice. Go here and install it again:

Now check to make sure the sites you want to visit show up under IE (or safari you’re on a Mac). If they don’t then it’s a likely a DNS issue. For that you’ll want to contact tech support for your DSL/Cable modem.

If there’s lots of websites that simply don’t show up or firefox complains do not exist then some a master DNS server is either unreachable (most likely) because of DNS resolver issues on your end (your modem is fubar or close thereto) or a DNS server somewhere is down, likely at your ISP.


Oh my god… great post Ditto…

People never stop asking me why I abstain from myspace.

Opera had no trouble with myspace. On the other, after viewing those links, I kinda wish it hadn’t worked.

Oh God! It burns!

Jackblack: firefox is good, firefox loves you, firefox is like your mother, and therefore it won’t let you access the evilness that is myspace :stuck_out_tongue: seriously though, it’s not firefox’s problem, it’s something isp or router related, or possibly something with adblock or you might have accidentally blacklisted it.

Dittohead: You forgot all the colr-blind middleschoolers whogo on and grip about their horrible lives and relationships. The ones who have like turqoise and orange and bright pink with a jillion little gif’s, crappy gangster rap that they think is cool, and their 750 “friends” that thy have never met that tell them they are cool about once a day, I guess they need help with self esteem… %| I have a livejournal, which I use rarely, mostly it is so I can see how my brother is doing, and he has friend only posts. I find my user-text mostly sums up the problems with both sites, although myspace is a bit cleaner and standards compliant, usually a bit more mature.

My user text: “And you are interested why? Perhaps it is because you have no real friends, and thus are trying to satisfy your friendlessness by hanging out with a bunch of people you don’t really know or have never met in real life on an internet community site. If such is the case, how sad. I truly pity you.”

Firefox doesn’t like Myspace because I don’t like Myspace.


From experience, that’s pretty modest. I checked out MySpace once after I heard about how awful it was, and found that all the profiles I opened at random had THOUSANDS of friends. And I’m not talking 5 000, but 25 000. There is no way that many people can be “friends”. Acquaintances would be more appropriate, but still very rare. Especially for people who whine about their life but are too cowardly to either take life as it is or reject it…

I just have a friend or two that have a myspace, I know them from xanga, but they don’t update much and I never see one of them in real life. I didn’t know I opened a can of worms with this golly, I guess Myspace is evil.

Dittohead! Please marry me! (Not really. If you try to, I will kill you. Good post though)

My band has a myspace. The only reason I allowd it is because of the fact that it is a rediculously good way to get our name and music out there. However, once I finish building our real site, I hope to ditch the MS.

You’re damn right about the CSS rapage. But what can you do? The design of the site is flawed in that theres no real way to customize your profile. Unless you want the boring default layout, you have no choice to put on a web-design condom and do the deed. (sorry for the imagery ;))

I think the things that get me the most are the terrible music that is set to autoplay and the endless photos taken by the profiles owner. You know the ones: Taken with a cheap camera or webcam. The ones where you can see their arm coming from the camera. Apparently, no one else that they know is able to operate a consumer level point and click. And make sure your hair’s in your eyes while you’re doing this. If we can see both your eyes it’s not even worthing posting.

Myspace is also the reason that the term “PhotoShoping” has been reduced to mean jacking the contrast of a picture up and changing the hue. OMG SKILLZZZZZZ!!!

However, if you can stand the CSS hackage, feel free to give my band a listen. We love the attention.