Firefox is a piece of crap

Wow, my computer crashed again (it does everytime Steam gets an update… don’t know why…)

Now I boot it up and ALL of my favorites and quick links for Firefox are gone. Just flushed away. Thats lots and lots of very difficult to find and frequently visited sites.

Fuck Firefox, this is unforgivable. I’m back to IE. I don’t care how shitty it is.

Aww comm’on…your running WINDOWS…you gotta give it some slack.

<3 Mac

That’s not an excuse…

they’re not gone, it just starts up into the wrong profile by default now.
I really doubt that your stuff was deleted.

There’s also Opera, but I like Firefox better.

Same problem here. That is surely an issue they have to resolve pronto!

But I’m still hanging to it. I mean, there are lots of features IE doesn’t have. I like the multiple home pages. I like about:config to tweak it. I like RMB->block image. I like all these extensions.

Try Opera for a while. It’s free and without ads. It’s better than Firefox and IE IMAO.

I would also suggest posting a question at mozilla zine forums.


FF is teh gayest browser in the world! get IE or Opera please!

…so…how come it’s firefox’s fault if STEAM crashed your computer? Blame steam!


PS: Slaps Wiggie

hey valarking

pehaps you’d like to clarify, you think firefox is crap on windows. i can say that on linux i have zero problems with firefox.

windows crap

as for your linksys wireless a lot of linksys is linux friendly and their broadband routers use embedded linux, so bad luck your wireless card doesn’t

good luck with breezy

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Firefox did that favorites deletion thing on me too, and I looked through the profiles folder but found no trace whatsoever. But, if you forget about your favorites, FF is still my favorite browser. I’m NEVER going back to IE. I know from some of the web coding I’ve done and am doing that IE allows the n00b too much freedom in changing the security settings. Like the ActiveX FSO, which you could run without anybody noticing…

what about saving your bookmarks?!?!?!?

I’ve been using firefox for a while & I am completely satisfied with it.(not to mention that my pc is not affected by spyware anymore)

The only problem I ever had with firefox was when there was a powercut and I lost all my history. Firefox is brilliant, far better than IE in my opinion. No tabs in IE, no handy go menu, no useful downloads thing, no themes (I think, but themes would not be enough for me to go back to IE anyway).
But it’s your choice if you’re going to IE, I am just saying I would not do so myself.

Great, another computer that will harbour worms, spyware etc… and slow down the internet.

Good luck,



… because Firefox is 100% intrusion proof? Mmmk.

Of course it’s gonna screw me over if I have the settings allowing viruses and spyware to have free reign over my computer.

I use firefox, and frankly i havent had any problems, exept some sites dont support it. Thats when i turn to avant browser. It is 100% IE compatible. In fact i think they are somehow supported by microsoft or something.
Anyway, if you dont like firefox :o then use avant browser

Haha, I love the title of this topic. Eat it, all those that told me to switch! I’ve never used Firefox, and probably never will, just because of all the anti-IE, pro-Firefox vigilante groups out there. I just won’t give in to peer pressure…

am browsing on firefox

C’mon, Jeeves… we’re not bashing IE just for the heck of it… it’s because IE is dangerous.

All hardware sucks, all software sucks.

Oh, and: