On this website it says you can change the background image on the toolbars with your own image, but when i tried it, it didn’t work.Does anyone know how to do that?

You may want to be more descriptive in your post titles…

  1. Put a copy of whatever image file you want to use into the ‘chrome’ sub-directory of your Firefox installation. It can be any Firefox readable image type.

  2. Create the ‘userChrome.css’ file in your ‘chrome’ directory. You can rename the ‘userChrome-example.css’ file if you want. I wouldn’t. I would just make a copy and rename it.

  3. Copy and paste the code from the Mozilla web-site into that file.

  4. Change ‘background.gif’ to your image file name leaving the quotes around it and save the file.

  5. Start Firefox.

it didn’t work

What happened exactly? Did the background simply turn white or light gray?

Also, what OS are you running?

Im on Windows XP Home Edition and the toolbar just stayed the same as it always was.

What’s happening under Linux is that there are two separate ‘chrome’ directories. One is in the users home directory (.mozilla) and one in the main (global) Firefox file tree. In the user account, the ‘userChrome-example.css’ is there; in the main directory it isn’t. It seems like this is probably the same set-up happening under Windows. Did you find the ‘userChrome-example.css’ file when you looked?


The user file you’re looking for is in:

C:\Documents and Settings ->
[User Account] ->
Application Data (hidden file) ->
Mozilla ->
Firefox ->
Profiles ->
[some really dumb file name].default ->

I went there.

what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

don’t know the answer probably becuase i usually use Opera.

i am trying to use my own image as the background for the toolbars.

I tried it on a XP box and it works. My test file was named “test.jpg” and I placed it in the users “chrome” directory as listed in the above post. I opened up the “userChrome-example.css” file in Wordpad (to keep the formatting) and put this inside:

menubar, toolbox, toolbar, .tabbrowser-tabs {
background-image: url(“test.jpg”) !important;
background-color: none !important;

Then I saved the file as “userChrome.css”, started Firefox, and the background was the image.

It worked [!] :smiley: Thanks, Skottish.I think it didn’t work because i opened userChrome.css in notepad, not wordpad.