fireplace mantel

hi. i’d like to share this WIP of a stony fire place. some of my contacts are using sculpting robots to make commercial objects, from 3D scanning, and now, from Zbrush sculptings.:eek: as i’ve been stone carver, i enjoy this way!:yes: I’ve already tryed some tests, and i’d like to have more control on edge tension. so, i’ve decided to work more precisely the details in blender, before the fine sculpt.
here is my first model, an ancient door, and then, the present wip, a “Louis XV” fire place mantel.


pretty sweet detailed and that topology looks perfect. did you do sculpting then retopo. or is it boxmodeling skills ?

it’s only box modeling…i HATE!!! retopo…:o
I had to modify hedges to make the ‘tube’ (don’t know the proper english word…) turn correctly without looping to the backside. thanks!!

final blender version. hope you’ll like it!


this looks really amazing, good job!

Very impressive modelling. Everything is nice and clean and the detail is great.