Firepower needed

If they ban guns I’ll just have to use grenades!! JK, just doing some texture painting practice. Still have a lot to learn, tho. Any tips/ feedback welcome. With all my pics not just this one, feedback is welcome.


The textures look great!

You could follow this tutorial for the grenade.

love the tutorial link. thanks for the info it will come in usefull

Been there done that. I’ve asked Andrew from BlenderGuru how to get it to work like the video but no response yet. It’s kind of hard to explain what happens when i try to bake the AO just like he did. As i increase the grunge, it starts at the bottom and goes up to the top, making it solid instead of in the crevices. Maybe lighting has something to do with it or its bugged. Or i missed a setting. I’ll try it again.

Thanks! So do those rifles you did!