Firepro v7900

Anyone here have tried the AMD Firepro v7900? I’m using a GTX 570 but I’m having problems with the opengl driver… i tried to render a heavier scene on cycles and the opengl driver stopped working… Then i started to think about getting a workstation card, and i found the v7900 could be a good option.
This video shows how well it performs on 3D applications

I usually work on heavy models, then i can sacrifice my render times to get a better response on the viewport…
Any thoughs???

Sounds like you’re running out of VRAM… So primarily you need to get a card with more VRAM.

I for one am into running dual cards, one cards run CUDA for viewport rendering while one cards keeping Blender responsive in OpenGL… Then, for overnight renders, you can set Cycles to use both cards for CUDA.

Use both. GeForce for GPGPU, Radeon or FireGL for OpenGL.

thanks for the answers… i really cant seem to render the scene using cuda, opengl driver is always crashing, i dont know what to do >.< i reinstalled and tried several drivers, none worked…

is it possible to use a nvidia and a amd card together on the same pc? or i need to use a geforce+cuda, or radeon+firepro?

Yes unless there where any recent lockout in the drivers. Search the forum, I showed it twice already. You either need 2 screens to connect both cards for windows to recognize them or a DVI-dummy. Other than that, no problem.

hmm, good to know… so, anyone used a v7900? it really have a great performance? gtx570 and v7900 would be a nice video card combo?

Why the dummy? When I put a GTX560Ti in besides my GTX285 it showed up in Cycles, no screen connected or anything…

Because you have two nvidia cards, which only require one driver.
Windows Vista/7 only loads the Catalyst Driver AND the GeForce driver if both cards are connected to a device, either a display or a dummy.

Aah, not totally illogical though, Windows can’t foresee the card used as a pure computation device…