FirePro workstation Cards


I Read a some websites that say if I use 3D apps Like Maya Max C4D then the Best for me to
use workstation Cards Like nvidia quadro Or AMD FirePro Cards and Not VideoGame Cards Like GTX 660 …

but today I Read That nvidia quadro cards does Not work with Blender?! is this true

I want to Buy AMD FirePro 4900 card. anybody use this card with Blender? :\

Ya know…I have a firepro, have owned a quadro…and for some reason happily go back to normal geforce cards such as the 560ti. I really have noticed nothing extreme enough to warrant buying the firepros and the quadros…

Stick with a normal nvidia card and enjoy the benefits of CUDA. This is important if you plan on working with Cycles and GPU rendering for example.

Don’t bother spending the extra money. As a hobbyist, you can work just fine with a normal GeForce card. The only noticeable difference you’ll get from a professional card as a amateur or hobbyist is a lighter wallet.

Source: At work I have a Quadro 6 series GPU. At home I have a 560Ti. I’ve never seen a difference that could justify the quad digit price difference. I use a full range of 3D apps at both places and have never had a problem on one that I didn’t also have on the other.

I’d also note that I’d get an nVidia card, as most things that are GPU accelerated in the 3D field are done via CUDA. There’s a reason nV has the lions share of the professional market, and it’s not just because people like the green logo. It’s easier to program for, they have more reliable drivers, and higher build standards for 3rd party vendors via their reference designs.

Whatever you do, don’t get a firepro. A guy I was working with a few years ago got one. He was a Maya user so I can’t comment on any Blender problems, but he had a persistent viewport glitch which no amount of driver-juggling would fix.

I eventually phoned up the helpline (remember, one of the main selling points of the high price-tag is ‘superior support’). The guy on the end of the phone didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. He asked ME what the latest driver version was for the card. After some ‘uhhhming’ and ‘aaahhhhing’ he suggested re-installing an earlier driver version. I called back the next day and surprise, there was no record of my call the day earlier. The artist returned the firepro and got himself a GeForce 200 series card and was very happy.

I’ve never had a Pro Nvidia card, so I can’t tell you if they are worth the money, or if their tech support is any good, but I can tell you with authority that ATI are NOT.

Tea, ironically I have had nothing but good experiences with a firepro and maya, on the flip side I did have problems with the nvidia Quadro.

One of the problems you will find though with either card is that the driver support is sketchy, where as the game level cards have way more support. This goes back to the previous point however that the pro level cards are not all that necessary really, nor worth the cost.

The bottomline is, be it FireGL or Quadro, the software has to make use of the particular driver and use it properly. Blender doesn’t use either driver and the OpenGL speedup between a Radeon vs. FireGL and a GeForce vs. Quadro in the same pricerange is neglectable. Often the professional card in this price segment is considered a “cheap” one and will be slower.

I want to Buy AMD FirePro 4900 card.

What you should want instead is to have a very good idea of what other programs you want to use and for what. If Blender is the only one then forget it. If for instance you want to use other software like CAD where you work with lots of visible wireframes ( simple or on top of solids ) then it is a very good idea to get a Quadro or Firepro card as these are made precisely for this task ( read high quality display performance ).

Just so you get a better idea of where a quadro or firepro work best.

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