Firewall software (Important update)

I know not long ago there was a thread about what is a good firewall to use. I then stated ZoneAlarm because it was easy to use and used it for many years without any problem.
But I might have to make an updated post because today I upgraded to the latest and the greatest version 7 and all hell broke loose…
The first thing was that some software reappeared in the list after I removed it. This screencam illustrated the problem: (The software I try to remove was just my own PAD-Publisher software, so nothing fancy)
Although the above problem already freaked me out and caused me to re-install after just having installed I came to an even greater frustration on my part. Suddenly I could not connect to IRC anymore, not on java nor the client I normally use. Ofcourse there was no email to mail for help and searching on google only gave instructions on how to turn IM Security off - BUT the app (free version) did not have the setting.
I finally went to their forum to ask help and the first suggestion was to restart in save mode and delete 2 files, then reboot and that should fix the problem. Well after going through that I finally rebooted again and still no change.
The next suggestion was something with parameters on some other installer exes in some folder on my PC that went much to far (for every Windows user) to my opinion.
So bottom line is that although ZoneAlarm is a good app the latest version (by -AHA- a new company called Check Point Company) made my whole day waste away. I guess the software restricts things and not offer any settings for it.
I’m not so sure anymore if I still can say without hesitation to suggest ZoneAlarm to others.

A simple google search on zone alarm
You might wish to check out who owns check point.

I am sure that the software works “as intended” though. :slight_smile:

If you mean by that “blocking IRC without any option to unblock it”, you are right.