firework from Blenderguru ?

first i was not able to download the original file it crashes blender

so if anybody has a working version can you upload it please!


i tried to reproduce the smoke effects like in picture here and cannot get it
may be if i had the original file i would understand how

or can someone explain how to make it work

thanks for any help

anybody has done this tut before and can help or has the original file ?

thanks for any help

Hi Ricky

I just downloaded the file from blenderguru and tested here and it works fine. You do have to bake the smoke sim first before it will render and it does take a while to bake. Here is the file I downloaded.



redo.blend (524 KB)

Forgot to say I am using the official 2.58 build on linux


thanks i’ will test this redo file

i downloaded it 3 times and i was not able to open up with latest 2.48 SVN!

be back later

happy 2.5

well i cannot open this in vista 38257

i got a runtime error
and same error with the file from his site

can you open it up and save it under latest built and re upload !

but i was able to upload in 2.49

but don’t think it is working?

cannot even make the camera work in 2.49
i did remove the composite in render panel but still not working
get only a black render!

did the baking but get nothing when changing the frame number
so something is missing here!


you may have other problems with this file.
It uses a lot of memory and render-time and the smoke-sim-calculation
takes a heavy load on my little computer (only dual-core).
There is the video-tut on the side with this finished blend-file,
better try to use this and set low-settings to check how far
you can go … for me it would bake(smoke) a very long time
(cpu-fan is spinning up noticable) and i dont know if it would be
better to use some of the older firework-tutorials (those without smoke-sim).

(this blend-file was from:
with smoke-sim)

a old blender-firework-tut:
and there are others …

i’m doing the first link tutorial
cause i like the smoke effect exploding around a center line

this is the effect i want to have
never mind the particules halo
but it is a nice effect too!

i already tried to donwload the finish file from there (redo file ) and it does not work on latest built 2.58
and don’t think it can work in 2.49 cause smoke sim was not there so not compatible at all!

did you do this tut before with the original file form blenderguru cause i cannot get it
at least if i had this one i might be able to compare and see what’s wrong with the file i did!

thanks guys

found and older version of 2.5 35914 and i cannot open the file in this one too!

happy 2.5

Sorry Ricky I don’t think I’m going to be much more help. 2.58 r37702 on Ubuntu 10.04 x64 works fine. Maybe its a Vista thing but I can’t test on windows. Do you have another OS to test on? When you say it can’t open what happens does Blender come up with an error or just hang? The redo file for me takes about 20 seconds to open and I have 8 GB of ram so maybe its a memory problem? I haven’t actually done the tut so I don’t have a different version to test. Maybe I’ll get time today to do the tut.


Hey Ricky. I had a chance to go through the tut. Missed out some of the end but the basics are there. Just bake and render the animation. Smoke is low res so change the Resolution, Divisions on the Physics tab before baking if you want better quality. Let me know how this goes.



Firework.blend (583 KB)

@ Forevernoob
Thanks a lot man it’s beginning to wokr now
don’t understand why you can open the eral redo file while i cannot

i just got a new latst version yersterday afternoon 38308
and i was able to open your uplaoded ifle with no problems at all!
it takes 3 seconds to open up and i did the baking and rendered a frame X …Y Z
and looking nice

got to test some more and see the smoke effect here!

did test for smoke trail here

works like a charm
got to find what the difference was with my old test file i did !

thanks man
happy 2.5

here is the file i did and still not working!

i tried to compare it with the working file and find a differnce for the group sphere and lamps
but don’t see much differences yet
still have to understand what i did wrong

i don’t get the groups like in video and having problem to see why it did not get it has in video?

my lamps are not following the particules at frame 0 like in video ?

see file here

if someone can point out the differences i wold appreciate

ztest1.blend (415 KB)

happy 2.5

Hi Ricky

Here is your file with a few changes. Its not perfect but is better. I moved the object centers back to the origin and applied scale, rotation and location. This fixed the lamps not being around the emitter. The other changes were for the emitter under Physics Forces where I set the Brownian to zero and the Damp also to zero. The Damp was having the most affect on the firework because it was slowing down the emitted particles.



ztest2.blend (520 KB)

now beginning to see what whent wrong here

you mean it was the Ctrl- A S for lamp and sphere
applying scale rotation and location to each object!
and that brought back the simulation working normally!
i test that and see if it can work !

when you say move object back to origin you mean back at 0 0 0?

but you also brough back the cube and the frist spher eat origin
is how it should be done?

i’ll recheck the video may be i miss that detail!

ok i’ll take note of that one

but this was not mention in the video and i forgot about it
a little like doing duplivert of dupliface!

thanks man

happy 2.5

Hi Ricky

I moved everything back to 0,0,0 because sometimes I find that if I’m doing some kind of effect like this and it gives weird results that bringing things back to 0,0,0 and apply scale, rotation and location will improve or fix my issues.


PS Yeah 101 Posts yeah. I see you joined 8 months before me but have 10638 posts. Man do I have some catching up to do.

i began with almost no Background in CG at all
and Blender has a steep learning curve but it’s fun to learn many tricks and experiment
and with 2.5 and all the new tools it’s even more powerfull but requires a lot more experimentation to really understand and know
how to do all kind of things!

thanks for your C& C

happy 2.5

i did re check the video
and it looks like the sphere at the begining was added a the origin
but it was not mentionned but done so you do have to be carefull to these type of detail i guess!LOL