Firework Test

I made a little firework test using the particle engine. Very short and simple, but it was just a test. You can look at it on YouTube:


mate, I thought fireworks had some lines to them ? I didn’t know they were all dots.

Make it explode out lines, then make the lines bend downwards like one of those black boy trees (that’s what they’re called).

Nice test. You need to make the lights fade in more. Basically the same as the fade out but a lot quicker.

wolf: I tried it with lines, but near the end of the particles lifespan when it slows down, it stays a line, so personally i think it looks better with normal dot-shaped particles

musk: I’ll give that a shot.

you can animate the alpha of the material so it appears as if the light faded off.

I think it needs to fade quicker and have more of a bang when it explodes.
Maybe try multiple colors? :smiley:

the lighting is nice and the damping works well

Actually the final firework is both orange and yellow. You can’t tell though.

Well done.
I don’t like the way you set the camera ^^.