Fireworks-in progress-please give feedback!

This is my first go at finishing a blender project! Its also my first post here aswell! Hope you like the pic. It was inspired from the recent fireworks i’ve seen…the poor things! Anyway let me know where i’ve gone wrong please!


Love the idea.But i think the grass is a wee bit bright!but other than that i love it.Can’t wait to see it finished!:wink:

Awesome! I’ve been wanting to do fireworks myself. I think it could use some more in the pic, like some shooting up from the ground, or old ones fading out, the hazy smoke…

nice charicter :slight_smile:

I’ve change the light settings, added trees using gen3, added bumps to the grass and refocused the firework. I was thinking of adding lose leaves to the ground and some more trees-although this is making the rendering take a bit longer!!


now abit too dark!