I’ve searched around a bit and still, I can’t find how to make realistic fireworks. The only tutorials I’ve come across are either outdated or incomplete, so I need to ask if anyone here could help me out and show me how to create some good looking fireworks

c’mon jeepster use your shovel mayn…LOL…
here is one…pretty old but still worked fine for me…PM me if u have any probs…

my shovel and I are very grateful
what’s odd is that I’ve seen that tutorial in four seperate pages, and only page 3 showed up, hm…
anyway, thanks:D

no probz mayn…what do u think bout my new avatar…think mods will remove it?

ha, think I’ve seen that on a few cars, why somebody would put that on their car, don’t know, but the mods won’t remove it

yea lol…i just saw it on my brothers phone as the wallpaper…i like it:p