Firgure not rendering

I have a simple file with a figure in an empty room. The figure has been ported through several versions of Blender. It renders under 2.79b and earlier. A while back I ported the figure into 2.8 alpha and rebuilt materials to work under Eevee. It failed to render. So I changed video drivers. It kinda worked (rendered but look really bad) through the remaining alpha builds.

I just downloaded 2.8 beta (blender-2.80-ecdd1864d162-linux-glibc224-x86_64) and tried rendering the image. I get the floor and wall but no figure. A really old file (from 2.5) renders under Eevee okay.

Assuming my file is corrupt - any ideas on what needs to be cleaned out? Do I need to delete all the materials & start over?