Firing weapons?


I would like to know how I can make a model weapon I have modelled out fire a projectile, more a ball of energy really, nothing fancy. Between a real world taser, and a trek Phase Pistol weapon.

So at its basic I want a particular effect, how would I even create that? And to get it to fire via Mouse click.

Thank you.


laser or projectile?

laser = instant

projectile = adds thing that moves to target

mix = add line that does not reach target (next frame) line reaches target, next frame (line reaches from target almost to player gun?)

true projectile = (add object actuator or python)

draw line to target = (python)

draw lines of different length/start/end points = more python and more math.

what will it be?

Thats a lot of vertices for a weapon.

but regardless, the easiest way to do this is to add a plane,
set the alpha to add,
choose ‘billboard’ as the orientation (apply rotation, and change in edit mode if necessary).
Then in gimp create radial gradient (just a glow pretty much) with a black background.
Open it up.
Then add some motion with a motion actuator
and then on the weapon, add a mouse sensor and join it to an edit object actuator (select the plane to add).

The weapon the red casing was made using a square, subsurf division to give the aerodynamic shape.

Shouldn’t be a problem for a 1.5GB of RAM should it?

As for the projectile, hmm, well just firing into the environment, is the aim, I might include a target at some point. Obviously the target must be defined so that a projectile interacts for that to then be removed from the enivronment.

So how do I create this? I don’t even know how to create the projectile colour I’m aiming for. I guess a red looking small cylinder beam of light.

I suppose I’ll need to view a clip on the video site YT for trying to get this to work.

I did test out the weapon in the game engine, I suppose it looks okay. How ever the wrist strap doesn’t display the part where it would be on the wrist?

What is causing that?


Sounds Iike flipped normals,

I just selected that mesh and went into edit mode flip normals, and now the appears on the interior, and the outer part isn’t displaying.

Looks like you have a single row of faces. BGE only renders one side of a face. So add some thickness to the handle.


Okay well I can move the camera forward and use the mouse to pan around, the weapon of course is far too big. So I’d need to scale it down for that. As for it moving with the camera. Must I join it?

So I’ve create the energy particle, just a cylinder in red. So without actually being to control the weapon, I just want to left click to fire?