First 3D Model Ever "Box Modeled Female Head"

I’m a newbie, not only to blender, but 3D Modeling. This anime/human model was created, by using the Box Modeling technique. While working on this I’ve had a couple of issues, like eyelashes, and hair.

  • Problem one (I get bald spot on top when combing the hair, no matter how many hairs I add, it’s still bald on top after combing.)

  • Problem two (I can’t do eyelashes.)

Links to tutorials will help out. I couldn’t find not one anywhere on eyelashes, only for 3DS MAX.

I still have a lot to work on the model like the following.

  • head
  • EARS (Definitely)
  • nose
  • eyelids

This model is an early model. I believe it’s Model 89-5 out of 108. So it’s no the latest, I’ll post it after finishing all these issues!

So tell me what you think for a beginner, tips, links etc. All is accepted and appreciated. :slight_smile:

Here’s the model, and MY way of structuring the eyes. To the right is the latest texture of the eye. The only difference is the blood vessels in the eye. Still not very realistic, I am trying to capture I own still using combination of the pixar eye tutorial and my own techinques.

(UPDATE) Below the first two pics are the later models, as you can tell.


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Pretty awesome, even more for a 1st model! You could just model the hair (extrude) for an anime-like result if you want.
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B3D00 Thanks for the comment. from 2D to 3D is a big change. Hard too. lol But yeah, I’m trying to get realistic hair on an anime-like model, using particles. I’ve been having crazy issues though, with the bald spot on top. The ears are a very big concern to me too: I’ll try to fix it on my next models. 3D is so hard work, and the hardship of it is so under-rated lol.

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These are the original images or sketches I modeled from! 5 min random sketches made by me.