First 3D Model ever.

So, I was feeling inspirational, lol, and decided to learn 3D modeling. I found a great tutorial covering a ton of things, watched about half of it, and went on my way. I’ve obviously got a ton of learning still to do, the head alone is a mess. There are quite a few triangles in there, but I figured I could get away with it on my first model, lol. So, without further adieu, I present to you my first WIP.

Great! especially for first model. Don’t forget shade smooth and or subsurf. Wireframe shot would be nice too.

I actually had it with the subsurfaces on, but I figured I would show off my work, not the program’s work. I’ll get a wireframe shot up too so you can see how big of a mess the head is, lol

I guess since I don’t have the 10 posts here yet, It wouldn’t let me post image links or attach more to the first post, so here’s some wireframe shots. Moderator or someone, feel free to merge my posts.

I would go with subsurfed shaded images then wire with and without to show your work. Its still you work either way. You can edit your posts, but I think you can only have three pics per.

Ya, head needs work but definitely not beyond help. Really nice topology is more useful for rigging. Keep it up.