First 3d model

Thought I would post this as an introduction considering I’m new to Blender.

Creating a snake-like creature to be animated later. Almost done with the head (just need to add a tongue), and once the body is done it will be off to texturing and rigging. Yay!

Any crits or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I like it . The eyes look a little forward for a snake, it looks more like a shark, but since you said “snake-like” maybe its intentional.

I like too. My first impression was shark, then I read it was snake-like; it could easily be a hybrid. :slight_smile:

No real crits to offer; geom looks good. If it looks how you are intending then move on to next part.

Yeah, the shark thing is really coming through. :slight_smile: Not trying to go ultra-realistic, so I think I can get away with it. Adds a little aggression to it. Not that a venomous snake isn’t aggressive enough on it’s own.

Still working on it, though. We’ll see how it goes. :smiley: