First 3d program

I was just wondering what everyones first piece of 3d software was.
mine was metacreations RayDream Studio
also what were some of the your first renders?
i will post mine once i find them…

I started with Blender, one of my friends uses it, and I thought I’d give it a try. My first render: Darkness. Second render: A blue diamond. Third render: My Craptacular Lamp.

My really first 3d program was…let me think…3ds max…for about 3days…then I found blender…played a bit with it for a week…trew it away…just to rediscover it hidden far away in my hd about 4months later. and since then, I kept blending!

first image was a spaceship…the render is far away on some backup cd and I’m too lazy to search for it…maybe later…

Almost the same thing here…my first thing was a nuclear plant though…

The most craptacular model ever, in nurbs of course.

My 1st 3d app was Vue d espirt though, second was rhino and then I looked around for a while and found blender.

I don’t know if it counts as a 3D program but the graphics program STAD on the Atari ST had some primitive mesh modelling functions. It did have spinning and I made a bunch of flying saucers. I didn’t have a manual for the program so I’m not sure what its capabilities were (and of course there was no Internet back than to get great advice like here at elysiun). I don’t think it could render anything you could just look at your mesh in brilliant monochrome and rotate it veeery slowly :smiley:
Oh my… that must have been like 10 years ago… I feel old.

I started with pov-ray, but it has some lousy modellers…searching thru the links I found Blender…I didn’t rendered anything good in pov…and am still quite mediocre with Blender…

Started with Blender, was looking for a way to make models for this game… totally forget what game it was, lol. Blender was alot more fun so I got into it instead.

MSWLogo has some very primitive polygon-rendering capability, that was my first. I actually made a few animations in it, but they looked hideous…
Then I found blender.

First was some shareware wirefram modeller on my old 286 many many years ago. Then Corel Dream3D 7, the Blender.


I think i used blender, and hated it. Then, Anim8or and hated it. Then blender and hated it. Then maya and liked it a bit. then blender and loved it. Now i cant get away from blender and wings.


haha i found one of my first renders… this thing sucks ; :stuck_out_tongue:
something from star wars i think

hmmm…my first 3d proggy…would have to be Impulses Imagine 4.0

Then onto 3dsMax, moved to blender, had a look at maya while break from blender, then shortly went back to blender.

I gues my 1st 3d app was the editor on Unreal Tournament… aww fond memories.

my first 3d program is blender (2.32) and i blend for about four months now. my first render was the standard cube. my first animation was a spacecraft flying around.

For me it was blender, my causin showed it to me and I messed around with it. But I started by using the game engine, I had no idea what you could do with rendering. But I messed around with blenders game engine for a few weeks, then I move and hadn’t seen blender for about 2 years, then I came back to Texas, got my computer all setup and got back into blender. :slight_smile: Not sure what my first render was, probably a sphere or something.

Extreme3D was my first program, and I won’t show you any renders, since they were to ugly for me to keep. Then I used 3dsmax and learned it slowly by following tutorials, until I was at the level that I could make an character out of beveled boxes and animate it in not too long time. Then I got tired of using illegal software and stopped using it. Then later I noticed that blender were open source, and had done something about it’s interface, so I tried it a followed some tutorials. And are now at the level that I maybe could make a character out of boxes, though It would take so much time that I would not consider it.

I think mine was Imagine on the Amiga!! Pretty sure it was imagine but I sucked at it and never got past adding a torus with a cube on top.

And my first 2D progam was Deluxe Paint II, now that was good!!

mine was amorphium 3d, then i tried cinema 4d, then i got blender, and deleted it(it was version 1.74 or somthing), then a while later, i got blender 2.24. ive been useing it ever since.

I think my first 3d stuff I did writing software code. I wrote a primitive Java-based raytracer and did some spheres (took about 3 minutes to render). Then I found POV-Ray but I only rendered the samples, I never wrote any scenes myself. Some people actually just write code to do all their animation but I couldn’t do without a modeller.

That got me onto Maya just from all the press it gets. I liked it and it seemed like it could do almost anything but it was slow on my machine and the interface was a bit buggy so I looked elsewhere after I had done my first few animations on it. That’s when I came across Blender and I just find its modelling methods to be far more intuitive and speedy than anything else I’ve used. My first render with that was the cool gingerbread man from the documentation.

I started with Blender. I originally downloaded v 1.84 I think, and promptly
got scared off by the complexity of it. Of course, I had no idea what I was supposed to do either. I think one day I decided to check out “” for help. Glad I did too.

My first real model that wasn’t from a tutorial was the “Enterprise NCC-1701”.