First 3d program

My first 3D modeller was 3D Sprites for the Commodore 64. It was a program which people can make wire-frame models then use them in a Basic program. The first thing I remember making was either a spaceship or a piano. I can’t remember which I made first.

imagine 4.0 DOS…

ark, what a software!


ahhh, my first…

Well, when I found out gmax was a free download (I wanted it for fs2002) I downloaded that but then learned I couldnt make airplanes for the game cause you had to have someother program. I decided to play with Gmax anyway and all I was ever able to do was make spheres (I called them planets just to feel like I was doing something :stuck_out_tongue: ). I then found anim8or and played with that a while be I wanted something more powerfull and found like other programs (I dont remember there names) well I eventually found blender back in 2002 (I think :smiley: )and I saw the ui and said NO WAY!!! Just this year I decided to look for some programs again and found anim8or again then I wanted something more powerful again and Ifound blender again :stuck_out_tongue: (this time is was 2.32 version) and I decided to do some tut. and I finaly figured it out and while I still suck I use it. First render in blender was a sphere with a bump maped cloud texture and a spot light in the corner of a “room”.

If my memory serves me correctly…

level editor for seroius sam(for 2 months)
red faction level editor(for 30 minutes)
milkshape 3d(5 days)
pov-ray(downloaded but didn’t try)
(2 weeks pass)
3dsmax(6 hours)
maya full(2 days)
blender(1 day)
video games!, experimented with programming openGL(500 days)
maya(4 days)
milkshape(10 days)
Blender(4 months so far)

my first 3d program was blender. i learned it in one of my classes, and havent stopped using it since. ive been using it for a little over a year.

Same with me, but I got it from my uncle.


I first downloaded Blender (1.80), but I got scared because everything kept disappearing whenever I moved the mouse, so I started using [mumbling] um…er…DOGA… [/mumbling]

The First program i started with was an old Version of Bryce, and 3D Studio MAX… it was in dos.
But the First one With a Real time engine was an Old Engine(Wasent better then quake 1) But i hade used several 2D Engines before that so 3d was a Bit comfusing in the start :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be CAD-3D and the misc. Cyberstudio tools. Tom Hudsom of Antic Magazine wrote most of that stuff. After the ST went the way of the dodo, Cyberstudio evolved into Autodesk 3D Studio.

I was an ST person way back, and while I played with this software I didn’t really pick up on it. I had some drafting in high school and caught onto the front/left/top view thing, but the CAD-3D’s tools were pretty primitive. And it’s rendering sucked next to anything on the Amiga.

I cut my teeth on Caligari Truespace 2 or 3. On a 486 that was some long rendering time :slight_smile: It’s user interface was soooo much easier than anything else I had seen, I finally “got it”.

I had formal training in 3d software with 3D MAX. That was 6 years ago. Organic modeling support sucked. I didn’t even think of building stuff that wasn’t mechanical.

I first became aware of Blender when it was ~ version 1.3 or so. They were on the C key system. I had become a Linux junkie and Blender had support for Linux, and POV Ray was too much like programming. I dinked with Blender every now and then, but I didn’t really get serious with it until 2 years ago, shortly before the end of NAN.

My first 3d program was POV-Ray.

You can find my first image on my site (click “My Gallery” below). Of course I did some test images before - like chrome sphere on checkered ground :wink: but my first image that I was satisfied with is an attack scene on a mars-like planet which I did back in 1996 for the Internet Raytracing Competition. It is on my site in the POV-Ray section.

With Blender I started one year ago. My first Blender image is the winter scene in the Blender section of my site.

My first actual 3d Program was AutoCad which I used in school during free time. However, I didnt have a chance to continue using it after awhile … so I never made any 3d stuff it (only 2d drawings) :x .
But in reality, my 1st 3d program was Blender… for about 30 minutes. I got scared at the UI and uninstalled it :o . Ofcourse that was when I was too stupid to check for any tutorials or docs :expressionless: . Then I did a google search for 3d programs and found anim8or and 3ds max. :< . Huge Mistake (except for 3ds max which is kinda cool now). For some reason after that, I returned to Blender and started using it. After figuring out how use 3D view (MMB) which was a really cool thing for me, I kept Blender on HD… lol.
I tried the trial versions of other 3D programs (example PLE) which I found very intersting. But because Blender was my 1st real 3D program, I am very used to its UI so I loves it.

Mine was Lightwave… v4 I guess, running on an Amiga 2000 Video Toaster system.
Then some time later got me Logo Motion for the Mac… So slow renders, my friends called it Slow Motion.
Then Lightwave 5.6, 6 and 7 for Win. :expressionless:
Then Maya. :slight_smile:
Then Blender. :smiley:

I always wanted to have a 3D program, and suddenly I found one on my computer :smiley:
It was included with coreldraw7. That included corel photo-paint (good program), coreldraw7(sucks) and coreldream 3D 7.
Coreldream has a really unusable interface. I tried it yet again when I was writing this post, but I really coudn’t find how to edit the polys. Only standard shapes :frowning: .
Then I saw an article in the PCM (personal computer magazine) it was about one of the first gameengine things. They said they would give a 8 week tutorial, but it stopped after one. That was about 4 years back I think.

I had 3Dmax, illegal, but only could get it working 3 or 4 times. And stopped with that cause of the complexity and the program didn’t work anymore.

Downloaded milkshape to change quake III characters but give up quickly
and some weeks ago wings3D, but give that also up, cause I didn’t need it and blender is so good :D.

I made my garden with it coreldream 3D, but I don’t think I stil have it.

my first 3d programme was when i was six u have me tihnking of the name name!!! it was something like midget 3d or erm i cant remember i be thinking bout that tho and my first render was erm a box i think lol.

The first 3d program I used: Blender.
The first 3d creation I made: Metaball snowman.
The first 3d render I made: Ugly green mesh dinosaur with precedural cloud texture material.

Good thing I learned quickly and I never displayed my work until I knew what I was doing with blender. :slight_smile:

3D Studio 4 (Dos)
-a long time nothing-
CorelDream 7
Blender / Wings

My first 3d program was Anim8or. It’s a free program but I didn’t really like it for some reason and gave it up. Then I picked up Blender and I"m still a newbie but I’m loving it!

My fiirst 3d software package was CAD-3D 2.0 on the Atari ST!

Then I got my hands on a second hand copy of 3D Construction Kit for the Atari ST - I generally made scenes with lots of stairs and high pathways!

Those where the days!


3D Studio 4… ah the DOS times and VESA. First renders… must have been colored cubes and spheres, and also the famous DUCK that came with 3ds back then. Then messing with Blender. Now Blender and XSI EXP. Soon making a serious move to XSI ADV. Keeping lovely Blender too though…

saeZ / spooktus.

My first 3d program was Zmodeler. It’s ment for games.