first 3d render ever(updated)

hi,i’m very new at this,and i wanted to show my first render,it became a little intro clip.
i try’d to put everything in it that i’ve learned the last 3 weeks or so,by doing some tuts.
it’s nothing compared to the stuff you guy’s/girls make,but i gotta start somewhere,right??

it’s 3mb

little camera smooth and sound added 3 mb 1,3 mb

right click and save as.

ps. is there a faster or better way to render??
now i make targa files and then make the movie with fast movie processor.

Cute :slight_smile:

Camera movement can be made better, and I’d add a sky.

Floor texture i a bit too low res.

The guy is very funny, and it’s hair very nice, but you need more OSA.

Keep blending


thanks…eeeeeh what is osa ???

In the rendering button window there is a OSA button, stands for OverSampling, you can choose 5,9,11 and 16 oversampling. It performa Anti Aliasing and makes edges smooth, not jaggy.

Try at least 5


o yes offcourse,i did osa 5,it has 420 frames and for a first try i thought that it would took long enough with 5.
but you’re right it needs some more

Yay! That’s cute :smiley:
Good job, maybe make a smaller versions for people with slow connections.

  1. pofo

That’s way better than any of my beginning renders! Good job! The camera movement could be smoothed out some. Look for a tut on IPO curves for some help on that.

I’m working on updating my fiber script more. I know there shouldn’t be any hair where the vertex colors are 0… Update on that soon.

that would be great!!do you have a small tutorial on how i can let the hair act on the gravity?
my dude’s hair doesn’t.

i added some sounds now,hihihi 3.7 mb( save as) 1.4 mb( save as)