First actual face?

Hey guys… I’ve been using blender for what seems like ages.

Till now I’ve really done almost only Mechanical type things… I’ve kept clear of organics… which is a shame. So I decided to practice a bit.

I’m sort of following this tutorial, which someone posted here a couple weeks ago (thx btw whomever you are):

Here’s 2 pics… first a nice one:

And here you can see the base wire mesh:

Strange btw that I could only get all the wires to show by selecting a subsurf with a value of zero… when I didn’t do that some wires weren’t shown in the render.

You can see that I’ve got a weird bit on the forehead… what do you guys suggest as a solution?

See any other weak spots, or things that will get in the way later???

the forehead is quite normal at this stage, later can be formed into concentration lines.
you’ve got a thin diamond quad on the edge of the nose. merge the horizontal verts, you’ll get better edgeloops there .

So far you are doing well…

but try

-raising the upper curve of the nostrils a little bit more on the face so as to give them more volume

As for the future, if you want to animate facial expressions for mister angry here, a giant grimace doesnt lend itself very well to animation. If you are trying to achieve exactly what the tutorial did, try to widen the mouth hole (horizontally) and raise the cheeks a little more. look in the mirror with the same expression and take note of how your cheeks bulge when you make bare your teeth like so.

thx guys… I fixed that diamond shape… well spotted.

I’m not trying to recreate the model he created exactly. I have to say that I really like this method though… it seems to make sense.