First Alien Head Sculpt


I’m currently working on a head-scuplt project. I previously tried out myself in head sculpting…but this was way back in my early 3D-years. This was my first ever attempt with C4D in 2005.

I’m not really interested in Head-sculpting at all, but I just want to try it. This is what I created with blender two days ago.

I try to get a semi-retro alien look. Long neck, big head and thin body. I will put a lot of effort in the textures on this one. And I created a cool concep for the eyes.

Retopo is next. Stay tuned.

Greetings from Hamburg,

Haha it´s looking really cool, especially the long neck-part! Are you going to texture paint it in Blender ?

greetings from Frankfurt :wink: