First animated movie with animated dressed 3d avatars

Hi everyone!
I’m new to this forum. I have a fashion studio designing clothes in 3D, selling the clothes on 3D renderings and then produce the clothes in our micro factory and then deliver it to the consumer.

Now I made a movie where I 3D scanned two characters, dressed them with our clothes and animated them with dance moves from Mixamo.

I just wanted to share my work and hear what you think about it. I started out with Blender 3 years ago and still feel like a newbie using it but in the same time loving it!

Watch it here:

Happy holidays!



Hey! Nice work! The only thing that seemed a little bit off to me was the shirts simulation, they look a bit floaty, other than that I love it hehehe

Thank you! We’re using Clo 3D for the garment simulation. It’s kind of tricky to digitize the fabrics accurate :blush:

Cloth animation looks quite accurate to my eyes. Clo 3D software looks interesting as well. Could you tell more about how you use Blender and Clo 3D in conjuction?

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I import an animated avatar into Clo 3D. In Clo we stitch the garment together on the avatar and simulate the clothes. Then I export the clothes simulation as a mdd cache and import into Blender. I also import the animated avatar into blender. The animated avatar is created with Mixamo. The Avatar is a combination of a 3D scanned torso and a pre-made avatar body.

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Clo 3D is made out of Marvelous designer with the difference of supporting the possibilty to export a pattern of the garment for production of a real garment.

Ja, Cloth animation looks fine to me as well. What looks strange is that neither the face nor the fingers are animated.
And the womans pose when standing in the door.

Mixamo do not animate fingers / face expressions. I have an idea of an upcoming project to work with face expressions. Mixamo also have many maskuline / feminine motions. She has a more maskuline pose in the doorway :wink: