First animation... completed.

Basic animation done from all the things ive learned in 3 days time scince i had to reformat my hd and set my migger projects aside… i moved to smaller things like making vehicles for RTS style games.

This is my first attempt ant any form of animation… first use of particles… and im only 3 days into all of this… but for being its going to be small and surrounded by 500 other units… i think it gets the point across :stuck_out_tongue:

1: :o that anim rules! You HAVE to put that into a game!

2: You posted 2 threads :stuck_out_tongue:

3: hehe nice sig

ok animation but the main weap fire need more of a kick. it has that charge up then it fires this weak @$$ particle stream. try turning the add all the way up for an energized look, also lasers travel at light speed not at 30mph maybe create a whole chain of emitters in the direction of fire so it looks instantanious some light effect couldnt hurt either around the gatling and main cannon.

1… i posted once… the forums placed it twice… one is without the link >.< hope the admins will delete that one.

2… ive got a few more units to make if im to think of making it all a game.

3… thank you… love my sig lol.

and as for the main cannin going slow… i know… ive TRIED boosting the speed on it… the gatling bullets are set to a speed of 233… the main gun is at 600… so according to the numbers… its going over twice as fast., yes… i totally agree it dont have any “kick” to it… and when i know how to add kick… as it seems its not based on logical math… ill post a remake.

as for the muzzle flashes… came to mind… and i wanted to… its on a revision list… my main reason for not doing so is in the entiere 3 days ive been learning animation… animating transparencies hasent been one of the things to pop up in the tuts ive been looking through… so… can only toss in what i know… but it looks good for only being 3 days in i think.

who knows. i might get a bad day and animate that thing going through a battle field and cutting people in half with gun and blade alike… but thats a larger project… lol.

ps… im perticularly proud of the jet style thrust effect i got on the exhaust… took all day for that one as it seemd that alot of people have problem with such things… theres so manny people aking how to do tecent exhaust in the forums.

Nice model and textures.
I love your rocket exhausts, the rings are a nice touch.
Re: the muzzle flash for the main cannon, maybe have a glow effect instead of a sparkle effect? But this maybe purely personal taste on my part.
Impressive stuff for 3days in though!

the main gun is an high energy weapon meant to have a rather high powered discharge… the sparkles is the weapon drawing in the surrounding energy and “charging” so it gets the nessecary energy it needs to fire… unfortunately… though the math states that the vector particles is set at a speed more then 2 times as fast as the vulcan rounds… its going 5 times as slow… i wanted to add a flucuating glow effect as well but… im new to particles and animation… and from what ive seen… glowing is one of the hardest things for blender to do properly… aka all the light saber threads.

still no improvement on the main weapon… im REALLY thinking about just removing the thing all togeather >.<

though i am considering using the texture on a possible future alien/retile im working on.

How bout adding a recoil system to it so has more force!

I suppose you mean the tank being budged back a bit or the main barrel being shook around??

concerns on that would be one… most energy weapons dont have a kickback.
the rotation would cause subtle shakings of the vehicle to be likly innoticable…
and in the end… the pathetic visuals the beam itself is represented by… only to cause kickback… would just look that much more unrealistic.

i COULD oversize the beam into one massive lenghty discharge… but then it would be more of a super weapon instead of anti infantry. >.<…

perhaps if it were to become a flame based unit?