First Animation Ever

I have been working on this character for a while now, and I think I could use some feedback on him. He is not completely done but I got his head down going to his upper chest though. :yes: I would really appreciate it for quotes on what you think I did right or what I need to fix.


really sorry, I double posted by accident :S

well first of all you’ll need proper lighting. I’m no expert, but a simple 3pt. lighting setup (google it :slight_smile: ) will probably suffice. You can even pimp the lighting some if you change one of the front lights to a slight blue and the other to a slight red. Completely black shadows are to be avoided at any cost. And for organic models , you might even consider using a 3pt lighting setup that leans toward rim lighting (power up the light behind your character).

As for the modeling part, did you use the sculpt brushes? They are great for tweaking organic shapes. And you did the usual anatomy errors everyone makes, such as the ears and eyes are way too high and the highest point of the head should be almost at the back of the head (just use your hand to feel your upper head’s structure and you’ll notice a buckle on top of your head, THat’s the highest place of the head :slight_smile:

BTW. this is no animation, unless it moves it’s just a model :smiley:

Thanks for your advice and sorry for the title for my character, I will be making some adjustments for that