First animation for almost 20 yrs

Ok so its been roughly 20yrs since my last animation at Uni. A horrendous Jack in the box type creature that got abducted by aliens. It was my one and only animation (not including animated camera fly throughs) I did for a some Uni course work. I think I got a B- or perhaps a D.

So recently I’ve been learning 3d again. The Modelling is coming along well so I though I would try my hand at some animation.

May be its not that interesting but I’m quite pleased with how this turned out. It was done posing the model manually and inserting keyframes. I created 4 Keyframes then simply copied and pasted the reverse pose to repeat it a few times.

Rendered 1 step (39 frames) as PNGs then imported them into the blender video editor copied them 12 times to give me 468 frames and saved as an Mpeg4 avi.

This like all the stuff I’ve done lately is following a tutorial.

This one in fact Blender 2.8 The complete guide from beginner to pro | Udemy

I highly recommend it to beginners or people like myself who may be a bit rusty.