first animation in 30mins

hi there!
im new to blender, im using the blender download. your first animation in 30mins, the gingerbread man one.

well basically i cant understand why the model wont fully appear, i just get the head and chest of the whole picture. the arms and legs just dont appear.
what could the reason for this be, i have been through the tutorial quite a few times and have started them each time from scratch!
please help if anyones used this or if they had same prob

thanks !

can you show us or maybe even upload the .blend file to somewhere?

Yes, an image of what you are doing would help…


im awfully not used to this kind of stuff…

could i be a pain in asking how i can upload a .blend file on here please???

YOu must have a site of your own, or any kind of web space, you upload your image or .blend file there and then post here the address of such an image :slight_smile: