First animation test

First animation test based on “introduction to charachter animation” di Ryan Dale

i’m working on adding shape keys and audio+lip sync


nice start :rolleyes:…am looking forward on your next update

Welcome to BlenderArtists, davide1982.

The torso looks stiff. The shoulders could rotate slightly to follow the arms, and the hips could rotate slightly to follow the legs. You could also put in a slight rise on the weight bearing hip, and a corresponding dip on the shoulder on the same side to counterbalance. When you rotate the shoulders, the head or neck will need to be counterrotated to keep the eyes looking forward.

Another thing you could do to add some life to the animation is imagine someone he waves to, before he waves, he will glance in that direction with his eyes, then turn his head, then wave. When he has face shape keys, of course, he would smile, too.

Thanks for the answers , i know the animation is still rough and stiff in fact it’s not completed i need to smooth things a bit but i could not wait to show it 'couse i’m exited about my first anim , so thanks for the advice

In the final version with shape keys and all , things will be smoother , for now i’m open to opinion but keep in mind it’s a WIP.