First animation WIP

I just started using blender a couple of weeks ago… I’ve only done about three models but I really want to do an animation, now.

This is the first of three characters (my first penguin I just shit-canned about an hour ago)

His name is Larry, and he’s “a boy cow”… it’s part of the story… but, really I want some input…

Larry alone AO

Larry really alone (AO takes a long time to render and this grass is memory intensive)

I have him rigged, and I can move him around but I really need to get better at texture mapping, before I can get the other characters finnished properly. Does anyone know how to make feathers??

I want to say there’s a feathers setup in the particle library. Check that out in the Finished Projects area.


I think the bright red lines in his eyes do not look like veins at all. You probably need to make them fainter, and travel a bit more randomly. Try the popular ‘pixar eye’ tutorial:
Apart from that, it looks very good!

I am trying the pixar eye techniuqe now… boy do I need more ram…

BTW does anyone know how much ram is sufficient?

I am running an amd64 2400 (64bit linux) with 1 gig of ram

1 gig is plenty. You may just need to turn down the subsurf in edit mode.

Changed the eyes… Don’t know if they quite fit, so I may well change them again. I added some background but had problems trying to render the whole image… memory usage would run low, and blender would crash if I put all of the grass up or tried to render anything bigger than this.

I also notice that something will have to be done with any portion of a body that hits the ground. AO seems to deal with this better, but if that is going to suck up render time perhaps I will try using small spots, shadow only to crease the contact surface. Perhaps another thing I could try is to render any background images and then post them as a texture on a plane behind the characters… Like I said I’m new at this.

Oh… and BTW I forgot this is an AMD64 3200 w/ 1G ram. That render took only five minutes but if it starts using swap space the whole thing slows down so much I’m afraid it will lock at the optimization level I’m using.

Ram Is my friend I think… I just ordered another gig of DDR400

This is still a work in progress… I just have a lot to learn. Anyway I am having a problem deciding whether or not to put feathers on the duck.

The model of course is not finnished. (still needs wings, and armature) But I am just trying to decide on the feathers thing because I will need to resize the mesh in order to incorporate them. I would probably just resize the mesh and go with the feathers if there was a way to get the particles to all move one direction along the survace. I don’t know how that would be done though. Is there a way to get the normals to run point along the surface?

Ya but anyway this isn’t how the feathers would look when done, just a quicky to get the feel.

Here’s the shots.

PS. Ive done a bunch of work on landscape and fauna… but I haven’t posted any of that because I think it’s boring to look at.

Still working on it… I spent a few to many hours trying to grapple with the idea of feathers…

The problems I’ve had have to do with the luminescence created by the particle system and it’s lack of acceptance of shadow or light. I am working on the set so, hopefully someone has a thought about this.

Pics …

And foilage…

The foliage looks excellent, but the texture on the duck looks slightly low-res and stretched, especially around the eyes. Apart from that, excellent work!

Not that I’m going overboard… but i want what I want… so I am working on creating an ebuild tonite for the bf-blender CVS and will try out feathers, based on the new particles system in CVS.

If I get tired of it I will work on a scene model. This animation will get to completion. It’s just a little more complex than a lot of first try’s.

Storyboard almost complete, but I don’t want to give anything away. Since I’m not charging I should at least get the momentum of surprize. Or disdain, what ever the viewer chooses.

I like the foliage you’ve got going.

As for the surprise, it’s not that we don’t want to be happily surprised, but a common failing in the process of all works around here (not just first works) is to try to go for the “no info leak” approach but miss out on valuable input from the community. It’s not that I think it won’t work, but we’re all here to help each create the best images and animations.

Thanks, Veach. Your absolutely right. I will be busy most of the week woking on trying to get my sailboat back in the water, but this weekend looks promising to put up the idea and the sketch’s.

I am still learning a lot about blender, but it’s gotten to be quite the addiction. I can’t remember the last time I did something that came to me so quick.

I suppose that’s why we’re all here… be back soon.