First animation

(PILER) #1

Whats up guys… i finally figured out how to use armatures and made this little animation… cant wait to hear what you all think of it =)


(blengine) #2

haha piler what about a link!! hehe…

heres his link everybody!

(belac) #3

great use of textures… animation could use some tweaking… ie the bending of the fish; the body doesn’t flow from the head to the tail as it would in real life.

great start! definately beats the first animation i did :slight_smile: !


keep blending!

(PILER) #4

thanks for posting my link for me haha, i think thats about the 3rd time ive done that.

(acasto) #5

that looked great !

(IamInnocent) #6

Very convincing fish.

I think that the head doesn’t move that much when a fish swims, unless it tries to change direction. The tail though moves a lot (logic). It’s more like a whip, a small movement of the head that gets amplified while it travels along the body.

(S68) #7

Very good texturing.

Movement need some work, but all people before me already comented on what needs to be worked on.