First Animation!

Be kind! I know it sucks but this animation stuff is harder than I imagined.

I modelled this after a clay figure I made years ago, just put basic textures. Hope ya like it and any critisizms(sp) are welcome.


absolutely good, expecially thinking that is your first animation :slight_smile:

Tail movement is very fluid and nice

Walkcycle is fine, cannot comment more without a floor :wink:

Model is a bit vrude, materials too, only relevant detail, the eyes. Lightning too is somewhat odd

Keep it up


Got publisher now, gonna make this alot better. I know the modelling/textures are weak, I was just concentrating on the anims.

very nice fluid animation, only the model lacks. lol whenever i tried an animation the feet slid on the floor so i gave up =P

I think I know him, from my chilhood nightmares.

In that sense, if you do anything, like texturing or some facial animation, try not to loose the child-drawing feel : it just suit the subject per-fec-ly.