First Animation !

Hey guys this is my first animation i have made in blender so far, please tell me what you think and what should be improved ! It’s a bit choppy in some places but hey i’m just starting to get the hang of it !

First of all, it can be improved, but i would redo from scratch. I would advise you to start learning an animation, from the book. Use animator’s survival kit. It is a known set of books for animators. Second of all, you can try to get from somewhere a dvd for blender called “Character animation in blender”. I don’t remember the exact name of the book, but anyway, good luck with the animation!

I love the broad movements of the arms. The legs and feet seem to be a little slow, and you need to show some weight to the character - weight shifting from one leg to the other. Overall good job.

This is very good for a first animation. its better than i my first animation. i should show you my first animation some time

well this video is’nt my first animation but its one of my early animation. it was based on chnaging colour and transparentcy.
the thing i didn’t like about my video is that the the bear turn black to quick.

hey thanks for the feed back guys ! Yeah i will look into those DVDs chekolian and i will for sure keep on trying. And thanks stevecameron i will do that next time when i make and rig my own character, i got this one from blendswap. liquid_legs well that was pretty good and kinda cute lol, he kinda reminds me of the squirrel from hoodwinked :slight_smile: Do you have any more recent animations i could check out ?