First Animation

Basically my first animation (Aside from a walk cycle), it’s mostly my crash course into Animation. (I’m not that worried about the clipping, I could always render out that frame later but I’m not gonna bother it with this animation)

So I’ve learned that my retopology was pretty bad when it came to joints.

And my rig is super basic and animating him was a pain later one.

(1) A problem I came across is that while working was in the “ScreenDataBlock-Animation” just to the right of “Help”. And below that is the “Dope Sheet Summary

I kept running into a major nuisance that when I switched frames to either add in new keyframes or go back to fix a keyframe I did previous.

Blender would automatically keep 2-3 separate keyframes together (Like if you Shift-Clicked objects together so they were in the same selection and could be moved as one object) and when I edited one piece, it would change it for all of them.
I would find large sections of my animation screwed up because when I fixed a hand position on one keyframe, all the others would follow suite making my clean-up work 10x amount in some cases.

I’m not sure if there’s a rhyme or reason to why it does it, but it’s completely unnecessary & obnoxious unless I specifically specify Blender to do this!
Is there any way to turn this off? The only way I can get around this is to keep clicking “A” in the Dope Sheet Summary every time I switch to another keyframe.

(2) I am indifferent when it comes to creating my own Rigs. I don’t find it particularly enjoyable (Except at the end) nor do I find it distasteful.

But does anyone know a series or single, really good tutorials on creating a Rig that would be something Pixar or triple AAA games would use for their characters?