First Arch Viz

This is my first project doing interior architect. Until now i was doing some singular objects (houses, beds, bottles, - like "daily challenges), because I’m impatient and I want to finish “the project” in the day I started - a big mistake, I’m aware now - so I feel to improve I need to try to do some projects that consumes more time so I started with this. I want your sincere feedback, because I want to make a portfolio so I really need to work hard and get better.
Any tips?


if this is your first interiro it looks really good.
One thing to be careful with is the scale of the objects - work with real worls dimensions in blender
this can halp you a lot
(now the bulbs look a bit off to me)

It also feels a little empty and thus lacking character
try adding some more little details like a plant perhaps…
also the shaders need more love
the metal tables are very matte and the bed covers seem shiny
it should rather be the opposite way

keep up the good work - you are on the right path

Jarek D(DJ)

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Thanks for the reply. Tonight I’ll be working on that.
Yeah, the shaders are almost principled shader, I’m still learning how to texture properly.

I agree with the scale problem, next project I’ll start with real world dimensions.

Thanks again for the tips.

The biggest suggestion that I would make is: “interesting angles of light, and light colors.” Undoubtedly the fixtures would be turned-off in broad daylight, but the color through the window wouldn’t actually be “#FFFFF-white,” and, even if it seemed to be, different colors of light would be in-play throughout the room. (For instance, have you ever noticed that shadows which are illuminated by sunlight often have a slight blue cast, while the sunlit areas have a yellow cast, even when the draperies in the window seem “white?”)

One of the most eye-opening experiences that I had as a photographer was to spend some time using a color light-meter: one that sampled not only total-illumination but also the R, G, and B components. There are such very-slight color-casts in real world scenes, and I think that your eye knows to look for them even when the rest of your brain doesn’t.

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Thanks for the light tips. Actually light is the hardest part for me. I think I need to read more about that topic, and with experience I though I will get better at some point.