First Architecture Piece *Feb 5th new pic at the bottom*

So heres my first attempt at an architectural design. It’s meant to be a nice big house, 2 car garage, pool, conecting tunnels, and so on. I’m going to add full wall windows to the curved side of the building. If you notice those weird parts where’s black or dark grey for no reason, it’s some problem caused by the auto-smooth i’m not too sure how to fix it, onyone know?

I like the material on the water, nice job! As for the odd black spots, go into edit mode on the object you wish to fix, select all verticies, and press CTRL-N. That should get the job done. I cant wait to see this textured, looks pretty good so far.

Try to set refinement value in Yafray GI setup window, it makes shadows soften and prevetns that black spots.

thanks for the tips on the gi, it helped somewhat, but i have a new larger problem, i tried tweaking my glass settings but the results were dissasterous, anybody recognize this problem?Anyone have a good tut. for a simple glass pane in yafray, i want it transparent so i can see objects on the other side, i don’t care if i have caustics, and i don’t want it to relfect too much. i’ll post some screen shots of my settings tommorow:

i fixed it, i’ve decided to go back to blender internal cause yafray kept running into errors with the grass, thats why their are so few particles, because i was trying to make it easier to render, the final version will have more. so please any comments/crits or suggestions on modelling or textures would be much apreciated.
Things i already no need work:
-grass, i need lots more of it
-pool needs tiles on the inside, and some bricks around the edge
-roof needs a better texture
-need a front door

I think that for its stage in development, your piece looks great so far. I like the idea of the glass hallway between the house and garage, that’s really neat.

However… I do have a few crits and some suggestions for you to ponder about.

-The pool has nothing around it, you should have some kinda border for it like a bunch of small stones or something.
-The part of the glass hall extruding toward the pool looks a little odd. Maybe it needs something more.

Detail Suggestions:
(you dont have to actually do any of this, its just to help your creative flow and contribute ideas)
-Make some way to access the roof as a sort of an outdoor recreation place on the roof. That would be unique and interesting.
-Add an umbrella with a table and some chairs on the roof. Maybe a barbeque pit or pool-table or whatever comes to mind.
-Add lamp posts around the house and your little stone path.
-Flowers maybe? I dunno.

Hope this helped you out and inspired you. Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Venom, thanks for all of the suggestions, thats just the kind of stuff i need. I only had 20min or so, but i started on a back patio. does anyone know how i would make the brick edges around my pool? is their a way of making one brick and then parenting it to a curve and have it duplicated? i seem to vaguely remember coming across soomething like that. oh well, here’s the pic. keep the ideas flowing

I had a chance to work on the back side of the house, I’ve been working on adding more detail and doing the best job i can on textures. There are two main things i’m looking for help on
-how should i model/texture that giant hedge thats running along the back?
-What should i do to get the cloth looking more clothish? aa texture pic for bump?

Things i plan on adding:
-Waterslide from the roof
-patio furniture under the sun cover

  • those windows on the curved side

How do you get those nice shadows behind the building? Do you have to make another plane or something for the light to reflect off of?

That looks great! Only crit is lack of background, and I’m sure that’s coming. But remember:

Man who lives in glass house should dress in basement. :smiley:

rm:there’s nor reflective plane or anything, you just need to have ambient occlusion turned on and blender will do the rest.
Here’s an update, i added that water slide, tried to imrpove the hedges, and modeled the tiles under the sun cover.

Looking great!

I think that the slide should end up more in the middle of the pool because as it is now it looks as if the person going down might slam into the side of the pool. There should also be a ladder because why would somebody completely wet go all the way through a house to get to the roof to go down the slide again.

Besides that im loving it.