First art works

Hi, My first art works made with blender.

Are we supposed to see something on these pages? The pages are in Russian so I am not sure what to do once I get to the page.

No, that’s just a domain. I gave direct links to the pictires. Small and full sizes. Don’t be confused, just click on them.

What he means is that he can’t see any pictures when he click the links. Neither can I. You could attach the images directly in your post.

[EDIT] Your links are messed up! Do cut and paste.
[EDIT2] I like the machines.

why use Yandex… its mad slow for hosting images…

and its fairly cool work lol… but whats up with the volcanoes thou? lookin weird

Wizard - I can’t. The buttons in the editor don’t work. I can’t attach the files. Sorry. Vitaly - yandex is a free hosting domain. Just because of that thing i’ve been using it. Please, don’t judge too stringently, cause that were my first works. btw, your name sounds like in russian. I’ll visit your forum either. :slight_smile:

Try to upload your images on
Think that it will work than.

Thanx, i did.