First Attempt @ Anime Character

Please Critique :slight_smile: Still new to blender, but i think I am improving.


some closeups please, wireframe also :slight_smile:

Wireframe of her head with no hair is terrible I know, I cant seem to get the modelling down on head and everything else for some reason. that’ll take some practice, thats why the hair covers up the bad mistakes :smiley:


Question: I purchased a magazine called 3dartistonline. and I have been looking at lots of these designs, it seems people have a lot of curves in there models, how do I get these kind of curves for my character, for head and breast regions

I think that your model could benefit from a better topology, right now it is basically a grid.
That should help you get the curves in there, as you could have a lot of edges along those curves.

Hello, there!

It does have problems, but you seem to be getting it well.

About the curves you want to get. That is called topology, it is the logic aplied to the way the vertices and everything in your mesh flows.

I lookind for some good basic tutorial for you and found one at Blender Cookie [Link]

Don’t take it too moch on the “how to model a hand” side, but notice how he does all the curves and such, it’ll be useful.

(I personally dislake that method for hand modeling, but the tutorial is still good.)

Keep it up n_n.

thanks guys! I have been out for a week, so I havent been at the computer too much, but thanks for the tutorial and information. I will try to apply topology to it, its amazing looking at others topology then feeling so down when i look at mine hahaha

Don’t worry, you’ll get it little by little and faster if you practice a lot. Hope the tutorial does help, good luck.

The whole character is fine, but I think you should work some more on her hair. Try to variate something that will fit to her character. But overall, I say, it’s a good start.

im trying to figure out using hair particles but its difficult, anyone know some good (long hair) tutorials?

There on at Blendercookie too, I think.

i don’t have good experience for anime hair with particles… because of the edge rendering it always looked strange :wink:

i like the way you modeled it so if you want to have a collision try to use the cloth settings ^^

If you have any questions about anime styled modelling feel free to ask me :wink: (Example of my anime blender skills)

ok, start of:
The eyes are completely not anime.
The eyes should have really visible black outline. Try googling anime and look at their eyes.
The head shape is actually pretty weird, especially from the side.
The hair looks like flubber:
I’d suggest trying this tutorial out: , just use more cartoony textures for it.

And etc.
Good luck.

I like your model. it looks nice. if you are just a beginner don’t rush to learn topology right away. learn it little by little.

for now just keep making models.

good luck.