First attempt at a car

ok over the past 2-3 months i was learning all about how to make people, how to animate them, and all that stuff, but then when i tried to make a car i realised that it was not even the same type of modelling, im hoping that after i learn to make the car that it can add to my skills as a modeller and thus help me in all aspects of my blendering.

Sorry no pics yet i was kinda playing around with it but i will just quickly explain what it is that ive done so far, i attempted to make a bonet, i made too many vertices and it became too much to edit it, and also couldnt guarentee that it was gonna fit together at the end, so what i did was deleted a lot of them and kept it simple.
The basic bonet shape is now in place, and the basic shape of the wheel trim has now been put in place,

Finally i added a basic shape to the headlight and made 1 connection from the wheel rim to the headlight, then i stopped to get some sleep.

The car is one of the sporty type cars found in Forza 3 and i intend to have it for part of a header design for a gaming ladder site that my friend made.

Sorry again for the lack of pictures i will do some tomorrow after i do some more work on it, but in the meantime i was wondering if anyone that has experience in car modeling to offer some advice at what kind of usual rookie mistakes i should look out for,

I usually start with the hood, then the front bumper, then the front sides, and I gradually move to the back. Thats what i do. Also I dont try to focus on the details too much at first.

I hope that doesn’t mean you are doing it without blueprints.

I started on the front (hood) and moved to the back. As said keep it simple at a minimum of vertices! And try to avoid using triangles. Because to have the car really smooth you have to add a subsurf modifier (lvl 2 or max! 3, but lvl 2 will do it for you i think) and with triangles in it these triangle parts will be messed up!

When your mesh is clean enough you’ll always be able to add details later (less or more) easily.

I can’t say anything more without seeing some screenshots of your wires and maybe simple testrenders. So post some! ;))

guess a slight change of plan, didnt get chance to work on it as my blender dvd came through today, and i am so engroced in it, but as tomorrow i will be wiping my drive, thought i would leave the images and the blend file, that way i can get it back after the wipe is done, so here is my work so far


car.blend (139 KB)